Efficiency And Control In The Disposal
Of Post-consumption Waste


iFood Online S.A


Leader in the delivery sector in Latin America




Greening Project and Headquarters and Branches Module


Materials control;
Data divergence;
Complicated and unconsolidated spreadsheets.


Information Management;
Organizational Efficiency;
Project "Já Fui Bag";
83 ton of materials correctly destined.

Tracking Project Waste "Já Fui Bag"

Have you ever stopped to think about where the bags that the deliverymen use will end up and over time they wear out and are no longer suitable for use? The largest delivery company in Latin America yes. In partnership with GreenPlat™, iFood implemented a project of Reverse Logistics throughout the country, offering new functions for each part of the material in the old bags of its partners, reusing 100% of what has already been brought to your home with warm food.

In the first phase of the project, more than 83 tons of materiald were correctly disposed of using GreenPlat™ and iFood reached the Zero Landfill mark in this process. This means that with GreenPlat™ it was possible to recover, control, track and give environmentally adequate destinations to 100% of the bags exchanged nationally.

Before using GreenPlat™, iFood had the great challenge of controlling the destination of this material in decentralized spreadsheets, which sometimes had different information. It is now possible to view indicators and reports at any time and extract analysis quickly and easily.

For the next few years, iFood has an ambitious goal of environmentally correct disposal of 100% of the waste involved in its delivery process – packaging, utensils and much more. Always with traceability to ensure the reliability and control of information, and that GreenPlat™ understands.

"The future is sustainable and we managed to guarantee the reliability of the information through the use of PlataformaVerde, raising the level of the 'JÁ FUI BAG' project even more"

Mychelle Botelho
Logistics at iFood