(E) Environmental (S) Social (G) Governance

Real-time ESG monitoring: attract investments, cause social and environmental impact and win over your consumers, stakeholders and the local community using PlataformaVerde

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, which is a way for investors to analyze corporations from the point of view of their initiatives and commitment to the environment, social issues and corporate governance.

Companies that meet the criteria tend to have some advantages, namely: cost reduction; the high long-term competitiveness; the minimization of regulatory and legal interventions; increased employee productivity; and mainly the optimization of socially positive investments.

Discover GreenPlat™ Solutions that make you meet the ESG criteria.

Post-Consumption Waste, Recycling and Reverse Logistics

We track and monitor the entire chain in real time, generating proof of Reverse Logistics and fostering Circular Economy.

We connect generators, transporters and final destinations to facilitate the exchange of reliable information, helping recycled waste return to the production sector as raw material, in other words, creating the circular economy.

In addition, we have exclusive partners that issue reverse logistics credit using our technology to generate environmental certifications, with end-to-end technology and monitoring in real time.

One of our success stories is the iFood Reverse Logistics and Circular Economy project, which started in December 2019 with the purpose of achieving Zero Landfill and tracking the collection of all old and poor condition backpacks from iFood partners throughout Brazil, and send them to an environmentally suitable destination, thus preventing them from being incorrectly disposed of in the environment.

After a few months of working together with GreeningHub, we started tracking bags left by deliverymen in all Brazilian states and in less than a year iFood became a Landfill Zero.

Another case of Reverse Logistics, traceability, certification and credit is Puig, with whom we have worked since 2018, also in partnership with GreeningHub, retailers and recycled materials cooperatives.

87 ton

of recovered backpacks

0 waste

shipment to landfill


new products made

65 ton

of waste destined for energy recovery


reached states +
Federal District

Post Industrial Waste and Environmental Management

Monitor from the generation of waste from the production process to the final destination with GreenPlat™.

We have a software with several applications and among them, a module that controls production losses, waste generation and proper disposal. Through it, its operators record internal generations and movements in 1 click via app and QRCode. His team also manages all own and third-party documents to keep management in the palm of your hand.

To complete, with our Collection Order module, you communicate with your suppliers in a digital and integrated way, controlling until delivery to the final destination, with subscription and geolocation. We offer reliability, transparency and speed to processes that were previously handled only on paper, incompatible spreadsheets and e-mails, giving you the certainty of your residue’s journey to its final destination.

In a few clicks prepare reports for an entire production, facilitate your audits and consolidate all operations in a single screen.


GreenPlat™ was chosen by Takeda Pharma, to solve the demands of waste management, digitization of processes and everything that involved Industry 4.0. With the facilities and improvements, the pharmacist managed to improve its internal management of the entire production process and especially of waste disposal.

  • Zero landfill in 6 months.
  • 100% digitization in the waste management process.
  • Full control of raw material storage.
  • Significant financial benefits.

Carbon and Climate Change

GreenPlat™ allows for waste management and we are increasingly including new features for other environmental indicators, such as greenhouse gas emissions.

We are recognized by the World Economic Forum as Pioneers in third generation blockchain technology, as one of the only systems in the world that applies the technology to supply the production chain. We lead two international WEF coalitions to solve the issues of tracking CO2 emissions and connected production networks, increasing end-to-end visibility in the supply chain.

In partnership with the World Economic Forum, GreenPlat™ is developing a global platform where it is possible to control the carbon footprint of its products, both from what was emitted during its process, as well as from previous suppliers. In addition to having access to customizable dashboards and reports proving CO2 emissions through online monitoring.

Control the Carbon Footprint of products

End-to-end traceability on emissions;

Proven positive socio-environmental impact

Real-time own and partner audits


Chain monitoring and calculation of CO2 emissions in the production and assembly of washing machines in Turkey.

Traceability and Transparency

Track in real time from raw material extraction to final destination.

GreenPlat’s™ technology is applied in all types of production chains, tracking suppliers and bringing transparency. This addresses several value chain problems, such as child labor and legal origin, avoiding any parallel market that could impact a value chain from beginning to end. This protects brands and allows businesses and consumers to make informed decisions.

“What is not measured, is not managed"

Edwards Deming

  • +1500 business units uses GreenPlat™.
  • We help companies achieve Zero Landfill in less than a year.
  • Cost and efficiency gains with digitization.
  • Reduction of administrative time in waste management, waste management and disposal.
  • Control of own or third-party license.
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards for audits and queries.
  • Control in 1 click, in the palm of your hand!

Water and Energy Management

Another feature in the oven: water and energy management.

GreenPlat™ is developing a software application where it is possible to manage sewage, water and effluents with transparency and reliability.

In partnership with the Toilet Board Coalition, an international coalition committed to accelerating universal access to sanitation, we are developing modules within our BaaS (blockchain as a service) software to bring control and management to this process.

Internal Management
Supplier management
Document Management
Headquarters and Branches

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