GreenPlat is a technology company whose purpose is to accelerate cleaner production. We have developed a blockchain based SaaS ESG (Environmental – Social – Governance) that tracks and monitors processes and supply chains. We specialize in circular economy and have become a Smart City solution recognized worldwide, including by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

With regard to waste, since 2016, we have helped our customers to reach zero landfill, offering traceability of the production chain, management and environmental compliance. Our software tracks from raw material extraction, production processes and waste disposal, monitoring the entire supply chain to the appropriate destination.

In addition to controlling production losses, internal and external waste, branches and partners, companies also benefit from the environmental legal knowledge that is available in the software, controlling their own and third-party documentation, and keeping all management in the palm of your hand.

So far, around 1 million tons of waste have been managed through our software, all disposed of correctly without polluting the environment. For the population, this means a cleaner and healthier environment, and for companies more recycling, compliance and traceability.

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Mission, vision and value


Discover the accelerators that are part of our national and international history and that have helped us to grow to continue on this journey for a cleaner and more transparent world.


Our work has won over 25 awards inside and outside Brazil for presenting a totally innovative, high-impact and scale solution to accelerate the transition to a cleaner world.

Pioneering is our DNA

We are the first software company that developed and integrated the public and private waste management system in the world.

First production chain tracking system in Latin America.

We are the first company in the world to use blockchain for a non-financial application in the environmental area of the supply chain.

First tool that integrates data from all entities in the production chain in closed, private and licensed networks.

The largest production chain management structure available on the market, with a technical team, qualified and specialized in the subject