Real-time decisions transforming
the auto industry


Scania AB


Production of 30,000 trucks and business




Internal Management Module and Generator Module


Errors and unreliable data;
Lack of reports and documents;
Lack of flexibility.


Reliable data in real time;
Productivity gain;
Transparency in processes;
Personalized management.

Scania: Operational Control
Through Business Intelligence

In Scania’s operational chain management process, there were many errors. There was no generation of transport reports and manifests waste (MTRs) that exactly fit the needs of the industry, which hindered data analysis and, therefore, decision making.

The project with Scania aimed to improve operational control. Specific reports were developed for the process, as well as the manifests that fits the current rules. The active communication between Scania and GreenPlat™ makes the solution constantly evolving with a focus on the needs of the customer. One such example is the implementation additional information in the reports and the tab document management.

Its main gains were increased productivity and transparency in the waste management process. Real-time data and reliable, easy-to-use reports analysis, brought ease to the operations of company, giving an accurate view of the business and bringing tools to make more assertive decisions. The concentration of information regarding documents, such as environmental certificates, brought clarity to the compliance of Scania and its suppliers.

"The purpose of hiring GreenPlat was to obtain more accurate reports and to have effective operational control. These reports are very interesting: you can visualize the management by exit and also have a management control of costs in operations. They facilitated all access to information!"

Carla Maria de Oliveira Biosca
Logistic Analyst