How to make production in the
Automotive Industry sustainable


Renault do Brasil S.A


290,000 vehicles manufactured in 2018




Internal Management and Generator Modules


Presentation of data for audits;
Decentralized data;
Decision making with retroactive data.


Análise preditiva de dados;
Redução de custos;
Relatório e indicadores em tempo real;
Segurança dos dados em auditoria.

Increased efficiency in waste management

Renault had a great challenge in understanding and centralizing data on the generation of waste in its production process, which caused difficulties in auditing processes. Data were only analyzed after more than a month, that is, actions and decision-making were carried out based on data and information from the past.

GreenPlat™ developed a solution to meet Renault’s main needs. We systematized and automated all the reports and data that Renault manually recorded in spreadsheets. From this project, the generator module and the main reporting functionalities (real-time data) emerged. As the Platform is collaborative, the project is a continuous improvement process, in which we work daily with Renault to implement new improvements that arise with the use of the solution.

With the use of the Platform, Renault achieved a significant improvement in the efficiency of its process. The Platform helped to internalize the waste management process, reducing costs and optimizing the operation, centralizing all data and documents needed in a single responsive platform that stores all data in the cloud without the need for investment and infrastructure. With real-time data, the industry can identify management opportunities and quickly take action based on what’s happening, looking to the future.

"Vemos a prova da eficácia do sistema pelas auditorias. Em alguns cliques, é possível acessar toda a documentação necessária. Com o Excel, as informações ficavam perdidas e desconexas. Com a PlataformaVerde, passamos segurança para o auditor."

Rafael Mattos
Supervisor de Meio Ambiente na Groupe Renault