Automation and Productivity:
The Perfect Match


Mig Lix Resíduos Industriais


Big clients like Wickbold and PepsiCo




Manager and Generator module for clients


Information control;
Feeding internal spreadsheets;
Incorrect data.


Reliable information;
Productivity increase.

Mig lix: More reliability in waste management

As a manager, Mig Lix provides services to a number of companies. The biggest challenge encountered before using GreenPlat™ was the control of internal data and that of all its customers in countless spreadsheets. There was a daily rework in the feed of these spreadsheets – internal and external – and, in addition, all analyzes and reports took a long time to be generated. This entire process still brought a greater risk to the business: as all data inputs were manual, there was a high probability of errors and decisions were often made based on wrong information.

The GreenPlat’s™ project was quickly implemented after an initial registration phase, and then all outputs and Waste Transport Manifests (MTR) were automatically generated by the solution. One of the main points that brought even more value to the project is the usability of the solution for end users with a pleasant and intuitive interface, ensuring that all employees had a high rate of adoption of the platform in a short period of time.

GreenPlat™ brought a significant gain to all Mig Lix operations. The main benefits were related to the autonomy and reliability of the information, which became automated, making it possible to serve more than one customer at the same time. Consequently, there was a significant gain in productivity, causing time to be allocated to other activities and mainly focused on a more strategic work for the company and its areas.

"The platform's interface is something that 'sparkles the eyes of the beholder'. You arrive at a multinational client, who fills in 10 spreadsheets to get a number, with an online system with a beautiful interface, pleases all parties involved in the production chain control."

Guilherme Aguiar
Quality and Work Safety Coordinator