Ease To Manage Waste, Providers And Destinations


GRI - Gerenciamento de Resíduos Industriais


Waste management at beverage and food giant PepsiCo




Generator Module


Registration and control of providers;
Manual MTR issuance;
Decentralized worksheets.


Easy and fast control of partners and providers;
Holistic view of waste generation and processes;
+130 MTRs generated per month.

Fast Crucial Information Management

Managing waste from large productions is not an easy task. For GRI and PepsiCo, carrying out the process manually and using decentralized spreadsheets required a lot of administrative time and brought great difficulties.

Now the traceability in waste management delivered by GreenPlat™ is a great ally of GRI/PepsiCo to control providers and be up to date with environmental regulations. Through the software, it was possible to register all partners involved in the destination process and manage their licenses, permits and environmental certifications.

GreenPlat™ also allowed a holistic view of waste generation not only at the headquarters, but also at its branches, facilitating the PepsiCo and GRI processes, in addition to the easy, fast and complete issuance of about 150 Waste Transport Manifests (MTR) per month!

For PespsiCo and GRI, their environmental goals go beyond the Zero Landfill mark: they want to return all waste to production through a circularity and reverse logistics process, and GreenPlat™ will be a great ally in this, allowing a complete view of the path taken by the waste .

"Greenplat is a partnership and facility for customer sustainability."

Giovanna Oliveira
GRI Intern at PepsiCo