The implementation of a digital system brings countless benefits that improve the company’s day-to-day 


No matter the size of your business, it is necessary to have an automation system or tool. This improves the management of internal processes and simplifies the management of several other branches. Technology has revolutionized the life of the human being: today we can no longer live without much of the virtual facilities and, obviously, this totally affects the routine within a company. 

In this article, we will explain better about integrated management systems, with an emphasis on those focused on the environmental area, and what benefits they bring to the company in the daily activities of its team. 

If you intend to implement a digital transformation system in the management of your production chain, suppliers or the environment, you want to save time and improve the efficiency of employees, keep reading and stay on top of everything you need to know about the subject! 


What is an integrated management system? 

The Integrated Management system (SGI) is a software tool developed to assist in business management, whatever the demand. It allows the operator to identify problems or possible improvements in internal processes. This makes it easier for the company to achieve the desired growth rates. SGI encompasses many administrative areas of a company according to demand, for this reason there are software with different focuses. 


Environmental management software: what it is and what are the benefits 

Over the past few years, there has been a growth in the environmental awareness of organizations: today it is understood that certain patterns of production and consumption have become unsustainable. For companies, industries and organizations to continue functioning and producing, it is necessary to integrate environmental components in their strategies and plans. 

In addition, providing more information on the environmental performance of your business improves your relationships between stakeholders – whether shareholders, suppliers or consumers – and this ends up becoming a market advantage. 

Another very positive point is that these tools help the company to stay within legal compliance, avoiding fines, penalties and even environmental accidents. With technological assistance, it is also possible to minimize waste of raw materials and inputs, prevent risk of environmental liabilities, correct problems and bring continuous improvements to your process. 


The EMS in the team routine 

In addition to the various benefits already mentioned, there are the benefits of the daily work routine of the company and the operating team. With the implementation of software that automates and digitizes processes, operations become easier and faster since everything is within the same platform, accessible at any time. As a result, administrative time is saved, as operators perform tasks quickly and in a simplified way, being able to invest time and work with other more strategic activities and improve performance, both personal and that of the company as a whole! 


The GreenPlat software 

Here at GreenPlat, we develop software that assists in the management of the entire production chain. With it, it is possible to have access in real time to the data from the moment of the extraction of the raw material, during the production process, disposal, collection, transport and final destination. All protected through blockchain technology, which does not allow changes, bringing security and reliability to the processes. 

GreenPlat has different modules for each type of customer. The features are simple and easy to use, making the system intuitive. With our software, environmental management operations become simple to perform and save administrative time. With the digitization of processes, your management will not be divided into different spreadsheets, without efficient and uncontrolled control. One of our successful cases is with Takeda, one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the country. 


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